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How do you use " whatsoever " ?
9 jan 2016 01:24
Answers · 9
You can use 'whatsoever' in the same way as 'at all'. Nothing at all = nothing whatosever
10 januari 2016
"Whatsoever" or "What-so-ever" Whatsoever has 2 uses: 1. Using as "Whatever" 2. Using to emphasize that nothing at all with disregards attitude. People often say "Whatsoever" with a shrug For example: He was devoid of any talent whatsoever I have no doubt whatsoever
9 januari 2016
It usually emphasizes a complete lack: "Do you have any reservations about this? None whatsoever." "Do have any idea what that is? I don't have any idea whatsoever." "Do you believe he's telling the truth? I have no doubt whatsoever."
9 januari 2016
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