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Can You help with the translation of 2 Arabic sentences? و الأهرام دليل مهم على الفن المعماري المصري . اهذين الهرمين الكبيرين قمتان واضحتان من بعيد . They are from book but I have the feeling that something is missing there... Could you help me? Thx a lot :)
Jan 9, 2016 10:29 AM
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الأهرام=the pyramids دليل=evidence or proof مهم= important , significant العمارة =architecture ,,,, الفن المعماري=the art of architecture مصر=Egypt,,,المصري = Egyptian the sentence literally Means=The pyramids are a significant evidence of Egyptian Art of architecture , they are talking about the importance of the Egyptian architecture ,,,look at these sentences برج ايفل دليل مهم على فن العمارة الفرنسي=the Eiffel tower is a significant evidence of the french art of architecture سور الصين العظيم دليل مهم على فن العمارة الصيني =Great Wall of China is a significant evidence of the Chinese architecture هذين=these two ,those two (((two of the thing))) لهذين= these have ,those have لهذين الهرمين=these two pyramids have كبير=big, كبيرين= it's the adjective big (in the two form) قمة= peak,,,((for example peak of the mountain ))..قمتان= two peaks (one for every pyramid) واضح=clear,obvious, can be seen easily,,واضحتين= it's the adjective obvious (in the two form) من بعيد=from afar the sentence Means=these two big pyramids have two obvious peaks can be seen easily from afar. here they are talking about the size of the pyramid because ancient architecture didn't have much elevation these two pyramids were built about 2500 BC .but they have two clear peaks that you can see from a far distance which make it an important evidence of the Egyptian architecture .
January 9, 2016
1. والأهرام دليل مهم على الفن المعماري المصري: And the pyramids are an important evidence of the Egyptian architecture. 2. لهذين الهرمين الكبيرين قمتان واضحتان من بعيد: These two big pyramids have clear peaks from a distant. I hope they are clear Monika. If not, then you could ask about the part that you don't understand. Good luck :)
January 9, 2016
And pyramids are significant proofs of Egyptian architectural art. These two pyramids are visible peaks from a distance.
January 9, 2016
Mumtaz, it's pretty okay, I forecasted that :) Thanks a lot again! :)
January 17, 2016
Monika, I've just noticed a mistake I made :) I wrote "distant" as an adj, when I was suppose to write it as a noun "distance" just like Alken Al translated the wordمسافة to you, so I hope you pay attention to it, good luck.
January 10, 2016
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