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Do you believe long distance friendship ?
9 янв. 2016 г., 15:58
Answers · 14
Long distance friendship isn't hard with modern technology, although it's always nice to see each other in person once in a while. I've known my best friend for 20 years, but we've lived at least 300 miles apart for at least 15 of them. Long distance romantic relationships are much, much more difficult. In my experience, they rarely succeed.
9 января 2016 г.
Yes, I believe. In my opinions for friendship not important distance. If you know how to make friends then distance doesn't matter.
9 января 2016 г.
In my opinion, I dont belive that. It does not matter in distance between relationship. We can become friend even have distance. We can talk, support together via internet. Nowaday, it has a lot of way to communication, no need face to face. Actually , we can talk face to face indirect via skype, face call, yahoo....
9 января 2016 г.
I think it depends on your friendship. If it is an ordinary friendly relationship, it can be a successful one, but if you mean a friendship like a romantic relationship, maybe it will become a headache in the future!
9 января 2016 г.
I think you can have a good friend even tough he/she is far from you or living in another country. My best friend lives in another city and I don't see her very often, but or friendship doesn't decay. When we meet, we talk like we see each other every day. And we have technology. Everyday or almost everyday she tells me her problems, her worries... And me too. She's my best friend and I know I can trust her even more than the friends I see everyday at school.
10 января 2016 г.
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