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Joe Townsend
Help with a textbook sentence Hello, The following sentence came up in my textbook, in a section explaining different uses of ものだ. However, I'm having a bit of trouble understanding it. Can somebody please translate? 日本へ来てもう1年になる。時がたつのは本当に早いものだ。 In particular, what is the meaning of 時がたつ? This is the main part of the sentence I don't get! Thanks in advance, Joe
9 sty 2016 17:22
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My Japanese idiom dictionary defines 時がたつ as "time passes; time elapses; time goes by". I believe the kanji for たつ in this case is 経つ。 As for translation of the sentence, here's how I would translate it: "It's already become one year since I came to Japan. Time really does go by quickly." Maggiesensei explains well various usages of ものだ on her blog here:「もんか」「もんだ」「だなんて」monkamondadanante/
9 stycznia 2016
Joe Townsend
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