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Question about some parts of this funny YouTube video I need to translate this video, but there are some parts I can't hear clearly. What did the man say at 2:38 and 2:44 in this video? It sounds like: 1. I think we can do _, right? 2. Am I _, _ my _
Jan 10, 2016 8:22 AM
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This is a real "stab in the dark", but I think he says, "I think we can do Olive Garden, right?" Olive Garden is a franchise of Italian-style restaurants in the US. So he's suggesting that they go and eat. Of course that won't take five minutes! (Again, I'm just guessing here.) The second sentence is, "All right, I messed up, I messed up... okay, maybe if I ignore her for a couple of hours..."
January 10, 2016
2:38 - I have listened to this several times, and I have no idea what he says. 2:44 - and I stop, and I stop, and okay, maybe if I ignore her...
January 10, 2016
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