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concern/ bother/ worry Whats the difference in use ? I guess "worry" is about a more negative , serious situation , but is it the same to say " " His health worries me" "his health concerns me His health bothers me"????? or "bother " just to talk about things that upset you? And I don´t bother = I don´t care I don´t concern about it ?????= I dont worry about it thanks
Jan 10, 2016 12:42 PM
Answers · 2
Concern and worry I feel go together/ can sometimes be interchangeable. Sometimes one fits better than the other. Example: I am concerned about his health or I am worried about his health. I am worried about my final grade. I am concerned my final will affect my grade poorly. (again you could change these around) Bother is usually in regards to interrupting when you are doing something else sometimes only once or constantly/continuously. Example: "Please, stop bothering me when I am on the phone" I might tell my kids. Please stop bothering me about candy in the store, we don't have the money for it. One might say " I don't want to bother (meaning bug you) but I need something (password, help, etc).
January 10, 2016
It would be "I'm not bothered" = I don't care and "It doesn't concern me" = I'm not worried about it. Being bothered is very similar to being disturbed by something in a sense and in another, it's like caring.
January 10, 2016
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