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man's or for man 1. When I shopped in a mall, I was asking a seller is this shirt for men? He seemed not to understand it and then said men's? So which one is the correct expression? (1) Is this shirt for men? (2) is this shirt men's? 2. I want to show one piece of clothes to a seller to ask the price.Can I say: How much are these clothes? to refer to one piece of clothes? 3. When it comes to perfume, I want to buy a bottle of perfume for men, or a bottle of men's perfume or a botle of man's perfume? Thank you !
10 de Jan de 2016 às 18:04
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1. "Is this a men's shirt?" or "Is this shirt for men?" 2. "How much is this?" is usually sufficient. If you need more description, add the item type: "How much is this shirt?" 3. "men's perfume" or "perfume for men" would work, although some think that the word "perfume" is to feminine-sounding and use "cologne" or "scent" instead
10 de Janeiro de 2016
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