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Does this sentence sound ok ? I am trying to write my resume in English. Is this sentence correct please : "First year internship at the administrative and financial unit of the Direction of Hospitals and Ambulatory Care in (city's name)" Thank you !
10 de ene de 2016 19:14
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Purely grammar-wise, it's not correct. However, it seems like that's a description, so what you have is alright.
11 de Enero de 2016
Hi Rosa, Just a couple of things... I think I would say "department" instead of "unit," but that is coming from someone who is from the U.S. Other countries where English is spoken might say "unit," I'm not sure. I'm also not familiar with the phrase "Direction of Hospitals." Can you tell me what that means? I'm thinking we might use another word for that too.
11 de Enero de 2016
The sentence is correct, yes.
11 de Enero de 2016
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