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يا مغاربة، عدني سؤال عن كلمتين بالدرجة Khsek, as in Sh'hal, as in Do these words have any connection to fus7a that I can use to help me remember them? For example, my friend told me that هلق in the shaami dialect is an abbreviation of هذا الوقت. I realize that ending of khsek is the possessive pronoun, so what is khs? I assume it means something like preference, since the full question is the Moroccan equivalent of شو بدّك in shaami.
Jan 10, 2016 7:21 PM
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One of the meanings of خَصَّ in Arabic is to have a need, and from which we have the word خَصاصَة: lack, need, poverty. That's why, when you say : واش/آش خَصَّك - it means what do you need ? Concerning شحال, it comes probably from آش حال، meaning what's the case/condition/situation of. Therefore it can have two meanings : 1- شحال used in the Maghreb in the meaning of how many/much equivalent to the standard كَم. as well as for [b'shHaal = bi-kam], examples : - شحال عندك من كتاب ؟ : how many books do you have - بشحال هذا أو شحال هذا : how much is this ? 2- شحال / اشحال (how is ...) used in the Gulf for example شحالك = how are you ? إيش، آش used in the meaning of 'what' in many dialects, is derivated from أي شي
January 11, 2016
الكلمة شحال معناها من وقت طويل
January 10, 2016
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