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Genitive ь If I'm changing a feminine name to its родительный form, do I drop the ь? Specifically, Наталья. Does it become Натальи или Натали?
10 de Jan de 2016 às 22:25
Answers · 5
It becomes Натальи, for example: Натальи нет дома, она на работе.
10 de Janeiro de 2016
only changes the last letter but u can see two similar name НаталЬя and НаталИя
11 de Janeiro de 2016
-ь should not be dropped in the Genetive case if a feminine word ends with a consonant+ья (-лья, -дья, -сья, etc.)- so they become as -льи, -дьи, -сьи, etc.
11 de Janeiro de 2016
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