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Could you help me understand this paragraph? "Just enter right from Third. Give them my apartment number in the building and you'll get a discount. I've got to get dresses. I'll see you soon." "Okay, honey. Hope you're ready to work today!" I fell back onto my pillow and considered my options for possibly going back to sleep. They were looking really grim, considering they'd driven all the way in from Connecticut to help me move. Just then, the alarm clock blared its signature static. Ah-hah! So I had remembered that today was moving day. The reminder that I wasn't going completely crazy was a small comfort. 1. What's hard for me to understand is, the speaker has talked to her parents on the phone about their coming to help her moving, but why is she saying at the later part "ah-hah! so I had remembered..."? 2. "They were looking really grim"; does this mean they were sounding really grim when she talked to them over the phone?
Jan 11, 2016 8:42 AM
Answers · 2
She must have remembered it was moving day as soon as the alarm went off. "ah hah" is an exclamation used when a good idea, or a new opportunity comes into your head. "they" refers to "my options for going back to sleep". She really wanted to go back to sleep and wanted to find an excuse or reason to do s. But, in her case, her parents had made a big effort to help her, so getting up late for any reason would not have been a good idea for her.
January 11, 2016
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