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Hye Young
Linking pronuciation Hi I have a question about pronuciation rule (about linking pronuciation). Here are some examples Ex: Dinner, pronunciation is /dɪ-nər/ or /dɪn-nər/ Strange: /streɪ-ndʒ/ or /stre-ɪndʒ/ Animal: /ˈæn-ɪm-l/ or /ˈæn-nɪm-l/ or...
11 de ene de 2016 16:46
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To add to Victoria, if you have two consonants together in the same word e.g. "shatter, banned, hilly", then there will only ever be a single consonant sound. In my cases /t/ /n/ and /l/ This applies in every accent.
11 de Enero de 2016
I think the best option is to listen to how different native speakers pronounce these words. Sometimes we put emphasis on different parts of the word, depending on if we speak British or American English: Dinner: uk /ˈdɪn.ər/ us /ˈdɪn.ɚ/ Strange: /streɪndʒ/ Animal: /ˈæn.ɪ.məl/
11 de Enero de 2016
The correct spelling is "pronunciation."
11 de Enero de 2016
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