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what's the difference of words that mean really good? I've always heard people say words like fantastic, fabulous, terrific, wonderful, gorgeous, excellent, etc when they consider something really good. I was wondering what's the difference among these words?can I use them as the same? or the intensity of them is different? I'd appreciate it if anyone could give me an answer better with some examples. thank you!
12. Jan 2016 04:52
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I would say that "excellent" is commonly used in everyday speech to mean "very good". "Fantastic" is slightly stronger, perhaps meaning "very very good", but it is also fairly common, as is "wonderful" which has a very similar meaning. "Fabulous" and "terrific" are not so commonly used in everyday language. It is difficult to describe why; I think perhaps they are slightly old-fashioned. "Gorgeous" usually means "very attractive" when referring to people. It can also mean "very stylish" in relation to fashion ("a gorgeous scarf") and "very tasty" and/or "very attractive" in relation to food ("a gorgeous cake").
12. Januar 2016
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