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How to improve my accent in British accent Well, I like English and other languages. British accent has affected me when I were a child and started to learn English at primary school. Unfortunately, I can't speak clearly in English in this accent. American accent certainly imitates easier. I often watch movies with no sub; this way perhaps helps me to listen and imitate their accent. Italki is a wonderful network site. Could any one help me to practice also find Vietnamese culture, people and history...? I would like to share you about my hometown, spectacular scenes, traditional customs and so on. I hope I can change my pronunciation as well as introduce my hometown to all you - the world. Nice to meet you all.
Jan 12, 2016 8:07 AM
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Well, any accent is fine as long as you speak clearly! And on the question of 'British' accents... it depends what accent you mean! There are lots of regional accents (which can be spoken clearly) and there is 'BBC' English (which should be clear, but I do know people who mumble it!). If you watch British TV you will often be listening too regional accents, bad grammar, and slang. So, to improve your accent, to make it clearer, and more 'standard BBC' English, you should watch programmes which have these accents predominating. Try some of the older British sitcoms (which can be bought on Amazon and come with subtitles). Try To the Manor Born, The Good Life, Keeping Up Appearances (listen to Hyacinth), Absolutely Fabulous. Watch the Downton Abbey series (but listen to the difference between the posh 'upstairs' people, and those who work downstairs, in the kitchens). Listen to BBCRadio 4, but you'll have no subtitles obviously! You'll have to ASK a native speaker which accents are which.... as you might find it difficult to tell. Watching TV is ONE WAY to familiarize yourself with the sounds of BBC English, or Received Pronunciation. But to imitate it will be much more difficult. Try getting a good pronunciation book, a mirror, and a recording device. Don't be afraid to make some really funny noises! And to pull horrible faces! It all helps to make the right sounds. But speaking CLEARLY, and good grammar, is more important than accent. It really does not matter if your accent is Canadian, or Australian, or South African, or Scottish, or Welsh, or Indian or Nigerian..... as long as you speak clearly, and are articulate, and interesting!
January 12, 2016
Which accent you use doesn't really matter that much. As long as your English is clear, people will understand you, whichever you use. And that is usually the important thing - being understood. The unfortunate reality though, is that whichever you try to speak, the dominant accent that we will hear will still be the South East Asian one! That will usually dominate any British/American flavour.
January 12, 2016
I agree that as long as your message is clear, the accent is a secondary issue. If you really want a British accent, or even if you want to sound less "Asian", it's definitely possible with a bit of work. I really recommend getting real feedback from a real person (someone who will tell you the truth), to make sure you are really imitating what you hear. A number of the teachers here work on accents and foreign accent reduction.
January 12, 2016
@Gary Thank you. I can understand a little in this case. I often worry too much about my accent and am not confident in conversation with others.
January 12, 2016
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