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My translation that needs a correction. Bonjour,I've tried to translate a few lines in French. Can any1 kindly see &tell; me if it's correct? Thanks for your help. Objectives 1) To study and analyse the works of Lyotard and Bayester. 2) To study how differently they used the traits of postmodernism in their works. 3) To Study and demonstrate the translational mode of writing, while doing the analysis in the works of Lyotard and Bayester. 4) Attempt to re-negotiate the relationship between the works of Lyotard and Bayester, and the conditions of literary production designated by “postmodernism”. Translation: Objectifs 1) Lire et comprendre les œuvres de Lyotard et Bayester 2) Découvrir les différents traits de postmodernisme dans leurs œuvres. 3) Étudier et démontrer la translationnel mode d'écriture, en analysant les œuvres de Lyotard et Bayester 4) Essayer de renégocier la relation entre le œuvres de Lyotard and Bayester, et les conditions de la production littéraire, désigné par le « postmodernisme »
Jan 12, 2016 10:26 AM
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Bonjour, Though I've managed to do it, but it would be kind of you if you could suggest even a better translation. Merci en avance.
January 21, 2016
Hello,if you post this in "notebook",it will be easier to correct.Best wishes.
January 17, 2016
do you still need help in translating ? or did you already manage ?
January 15, 2016
Bonjour Ashish, Pour les corrections il est plus facile d'utiliser "le calepin". On peut souligner, barrer etc... Bonne journée :)
January 12, 2016
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