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difference between "regarding" and "with regard" As per the title, could any native speaker explain to me please?
12 de ene de 2016 15:56
Answers · 4
'Regarding' and 'with regard to' - note the 'to' - can be used in the same way. You can say either 'regarding your recent application for the post of junior manager' or 'with regard to your recent application for the post of junior manager', and the meaning will be the same. By the way, please don't make the mistake - common amongst native speakers - of trying to use 'regards' in this context. The correct expression is 'with regard to', not 'regards'. 'Regards' are good wishes, as in 'Give my regards to your family'. This word is not an alternative to 'regard'.
12 de Enero de 2016
I don't think that exist a difference it all. Means the same I think only the formal use. . But I'm not sure. .
12 de Enero de 2016
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