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Had been OR Have been If you were living in France for some years and you are living in England now, which one is correct to say: A: I have been in/to France. B: I had been in/to France. Thanks.
2016年1月12日 20:27
Answers · 4
"Live" is the better choice of verb that "be". You lived in France in the past. This past time has finished. The past simple is the best choice of tense. You can say : a) "I lived in France" or b) "I used to live in France". "I had lived in France" is wrong if it is a sentence without any context which relates this sentence to an event which started later than the start of the period of living in France. "I have been to France" means that you have travelled there some time before now. "I have been in France" means that you were physically present there some time before now.
You dont live in france any longer, so you can say '' I had lived in france for a few years. ''
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