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Can you give me some advices about korean/japanese songs ? I want to listen good korean & japanese songs so I need your help. Please, tell me some songs which you like. Thank u.
Oct 9, 2008 3:16 PM
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One of my favourite korean songs is "Champions", sung by the korean soprano 조수미. Also I really love 김광석 songs. He sung 70's rock. I really suggest you listen to 너무아픈 사랑은 사랑이 아니었음을, one of his best songs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzBQU6Z9-mc
October 10, 2008
Hmm japanese and korean songs hmm if i decided to give you a list you will be here all night but i will give you a few! Korean Songs: Big Bang (Any Big Bang song is awesome so there is no find specific song) DBSK- Insa (hero) DBSK- Remember DBSK- Heart, Mind and Soul DBSK- Magic Castle Duncan James ft Hwanhee- Sooner or Later J ft Lee Jung- With tears Jang Woo Hyuk ft Brian Joo- Red Sun Lexy ft Taeyang- Rush Lexy ft Taeyang- Super Fly Seo Hyun Jin- Give me a little try Uhm Jung Hwa- Chodae DBSK- Holding Back the Tears Bae Seul Gi ft Crown J- It's groove Shinhwa- Oh! Kim Bum Soo- Bo Go Ship Duh Lyn- Geu Deh Ki Geum Lee Seung Gi- Ha Gi Heem Mal DBSK- Travelling 1TYM- Hot Ddu Guh Perry- Storm SG Wannabe- Saranghago shipo SG Wannabe- The Story YG Family- Fly Gentlemen YG Family- A-YO Gummy ft T.O.P- dont know the name of song Lexy- Don't Lie & Dont lie (remix) Lexy- Ma People Ah it's enough from me damnnnnn!!!!
October 11, 2008
I've never expected to see his name here. I liked 이등병의 편지(The Army Private's Letter), 일어나. Some of my favorite Korean songs are 끝이 아니길, 사랑했나봐, 너를 보내고(by 윤도현) / 비망록, 겁쟁이, 나에게로 떠나는 여행, 사랑은 가슴이 시킨다(by 버즈) / 나를 슬프게 하는 사람들, 너를 사랑해(by 김경호) /Starry Night(by 김종서) As for Japanese songs, I like most Garnet Crow. If you like R&B, you would like Chemistry(Pieces Of A Dream, Two), EXILE(Kiss you, Together, Your eyes only), Hirai Ken songs(He's a famous R&B singer. Hitomi wo Tojite, Aika).
October 10, 2008
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