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Is there a verb for "to be good"? I just learned "İyiyim" and "iyi" and it looks like it has a verb-like pattern. Is this a verb? If yes, what is the infinitive verb form?
Jan 13, 2016 3:06 AM
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predicative forms of iyi which is an adjective not verb :- “I am fine” = iyiyim “you (sing.) are fine” = iyisin “he/she/it is fine” = iyi or iyidir “we are fine” = iyiyiz “you (pl.) are fine” = iyisiniz “they are fine” = iyiler or iyidirler The past tense uses the suffix -DI plus the personal ending, like so: “I was fine” = iyiydim “you (sing.) were fine” = iyiydin “he/she/it was fine” = iyiydi “we were fine” = iyiydik “you (pl.) were fine” = iyiydiniz “they were fine” = iyidiler
January 13, 2016
"iyi olmak" : "to be good" "iyi" (noun) : "good" (noun) "to be" : "olmak" makes the noun into a verb all verbs with suffix -mek -mak is the infinitive form of every verb such as almak, gelmek, görmek, düşünmek, okumak, gitmek, gelmek, yüzmek, giyinmek, üşümek, ısınmak,
January 13, 2016
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