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ji young
Who am I telling? Hi everyone, I wonder what it means, 'who am I telling'? Thank you for your time :) Have a nice day
Jan 13, 2016 10:26 AM
Answers · 3
Who am I telling? I dont know why you use this question , but you should say " Whom am I telling? Just like "Whom are you calling " ; not "Who are you calling " " Whom am I telling? = I am telling whom ?" The verb "telling " points to an OBJECT here ,which is the person you are "telling to:... > The reciever of the verb is the object . So, if there is an object for the verb, you use "whom". If you are keen , check the Internet for "who vs whom"
January 13, 2016
I agree with Peter that it is not very clear, and some context would definitely help. It sounds to me like a rhetorical question, but only part of one. You might say it to someone that you had just said something to, and they either were not listening to you, or you realised they were not interested, or not able to help you.
January 13, 2016
Can you please provide some context for your quote?
January 13, 2016
ji young
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