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How do you say "For you" in Japanese How do you say "For you" in Japanese? Is it only one way to say it or you can say it in many ways? Thank you.
13 sty 2016 13:06
Answers · 2
We basically translate "for you" into "あなたのために or あなたのための" in Japanese. But it depends on each phrase. For example, "This is a present for you" is translated literally into "これはあなたのためのプレゼントです。". But this Japanese is not natural. We usually say "これはあなたへのプレゼントです。(This is a present to you) " . The other hand, "I bought this present for you." is translated into "わたしはあなたのためにこのプレゼントをかいました。"
13 stycznia 2016
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