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Have you got... Have you got this dress in a different color?&Have you this dress in a different color? what is the difference?
13 gen 2016 17:21
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"Have you got this dress in a different color?" "Have you this dress in a different color?" There is no difference in meaning. "Have you got.." is more prevalent in a conversation. "Have you.." is more common in the UK, I believe. In the US "Do you have.." is typical. There have been questions on "I have" versus "I have got / I've got". I think this answer by Su Ki summarizes it very well. (quoted from "I've got" is an alternative to "I have" in the following situation only: If.... 1..... you are talking about something which either 'belongs' to you or something which you need to do the present simple tense informal contexts. For example, there is no difference at all in meaning between "I've got a problem" and "I have a problem" or between "I've got to go home" and "I have to go home". In these situations, the two forms are interchangeable. ...
13 gennaio 2016
'Have you' is considered old-fashioned but is mostly equivalent to 'have you got'. I have only ever encountered it in 'have you any' or 'have you a', however. I don't think it fits well with your example.
13 gennaio 2016
" Have you got" and "have you" is very rarely used, and in this context it is not the proper syntax. The proper sentence would be: "Do you have this dress in a different colour?" (I'm a native speaker)
14 gennaio 2016
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