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Sandy Yu
一个单词填空题???? ______the novel last year on holiday,I was looking forward to seeing the film. A.Having read B.Reading C.To read D.Having to read 本题的正确选项为A,想知道选A的依据是什么????,感谢!!Thank you very much!
Jan 13, 2016 5:52 PM
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Hello Sandy! How are you? This answer is based in Perfect Participle's explanation. Well, We use the perfect participle to emphasize that the first action was completed before the second action started. So the action of "reading" was before the action of "was looking forward..." Sandy, the problem is that you are a little confuse about present participle and perfect participle... don't get sad, this two verb tense makes us confusing kkkk it's normal be confuse with this verb tense, when I was searching to answer you I confess that I stayed a little confuse too ahahah anyway, I found this answer in chinese, I don't know to read Chinese, but I hope that it can help you ahaha xD A. having done作状语时 表主动 且动作发生在主语前 doing作状语时 表主动 通常表示动作和主句同时发生 to read表目的或将来发生的动作 这句话的意思是 在去年假期的时候读完这本书后 我很期待看看这部电影 不过好像这句话的主句有点问题 应该是look forward to seeing吧.. Site: Aaah I found another site that can be helpful too: Sandy, I hope I've helped you a little bit ahaha ;D
January 13, 2016
Judy is correct. A 是过去式的意思。你先看过一本书,所以期待看电影。 A.Having read = 已经看了 B.Reading = 在看 C.To read = 看 D.Having to read = 必须看 - 比如说 I hate having to read books for school.
January 16, 2016
A is correct because you have read the book completely and then look forward to seeing the film. It is the only answer that says the reading is completed.
January 13, 2016
Sandy Yu
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