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Sophia Kim
what does this sentence mean? 오빠아무리27개월 갈/같(?)지만27살이야 뼈가약해질나이라구ㅋㅋ
13 gen 2016 18:08
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"오빠아무리27개월 갈/같(?)지만27살이야. 뼈가약해질나이라구ㅋㅋ" => 오빠, 아무리 27개월 같지만 27살이야. 뼈가 약해질 나이라고. (proper spelling) - 오빠: (older) brother (as addressed by a female). - 아무리 27개월 같지만: no matter how(아무리) it seems like (같지만) 27 months. - 27살이야: (you are) 27 years old. - 뻐가 약해질 나이라고: it is an age(나이) when the bones(뼈가) weaken (약해질). It is saying: Even though it might seem like only 27 months, you are 27 years old. You're at an age when the bones get weak, lol. So it is a cute joke at someone older than you with a funny exaggeration.
13 gennaio 2016
Sophia Kim
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