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Are these correct sentence? 1)I used these shoes ruffely,these should have been teared now.... 2)By seeing his speed I thought he would kill them. 3)Everything will not happen as you think. 4)No one knows what is their future.. 5)How much does it cost with discount? 6)Wishes are wishes only those don't come realise 7)Everybody has right to live in the way they like. 8)By seeing his talk I thought he would be a manager. 9)I think they might have reached before now.. 10)They might have had married
Jan 14, 2016 3:55 AM
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1) I used these shoes roughly; they should have been torn by now. 2) At that speed, I thought he would kill them! 3) >>Your sentence was perfect! 4) No one knows what their future is. (Or: No one knows what their future will be.) 5) How much does it cost after the discount? 6) >>I could not understand the meaning of your original sentence well enough to correct it. 7) Everybody has the right to live in the way they like. 8) From his speech, I thought he was the manager. 9) I thought they might have arrived before now. 10) They might have been married.
January 14, 2016
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