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what is the “ Holy Sepulchre”? In course of time he was rewarded for his piety by being made a papal chamberlain, and the assiduity with which he performed the duties of his office was rewarded by the order of, I think, the Holy Sepulchre.
14 янв. 2016 г., 5:41
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sepulchre == tomb. "Holy Sepulchre" == "Tomb of Jesus Christ". "Order of the Holy Sepulchre" == "membership of a certain Roman Catholic society"; an honorific title; for details see (
14 января 2016 г.
The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, also called the Church of the Resurrection is a church within the Christian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. It is a few steps away from the Muristan. The church contains, according to traditions dating back at least to the fourth century, the two holiest sites in Christendom: the site where Jesus of Nazareth was crucified,[2] known as "Calvary" in Latin and "Golgotha" in Greek,[3] and Jesus's empty tomb, where he is said to have been buried and resurrected. Within the church proper are the last four (or, by some definitions, five) Stations of the Via Dolorosa, representing the final episodes of Jesus' Passion. The church has been a major Christian pilgrimage destination since its creation in the fourth century, as the traditional site of the Resurrection of Christ, thus its original Greek name, Church of the Anastasis.
14 января 2016 г.
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