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hey please any one can help me in spanish i know only few words i want to study grammer any help?
27 sty 2008 17:13
Answers · 6
Hola Rana ! Hello Rana ! Buenos días = Good morning. Buenas tardes = Good afternoon. Buenas noches = good night. Cual es tu nombre ? Which It's your name ? De donde eres ? Where are you from ? Donde vives ? Where Do you live ? Cuantos años tienes ? How old are you ? respuesta = answer . Pregunta = question. Mi nombre es Rana = My name is Rana. Puedes decirme algo acerca de tu país ? Could you tell me anything about your country ? Me entiendes ? Do you understand me ?
4 lutego 2008
creo que profesor es mejor.
29 stycznia 2008
hehe the same with me =) but i've found this site pretty helpful: good luck! both for me and you ;)
28 stycznia 2008
I can teach you spanish if you help me with let´s go
28 stycznia 2008
Hi! I need to improve my english and I can help you with spanish. So we can do a language exchange. Bye!
28 stycznia 2008
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