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Adam Haecker
each and every I understand how counting works but How would you say in Japanese: Have you seen every movie in the series? Have you seen every James Bond Movie? Have you been to every bar in town? Basically how do you represent All or Every when its something in a series?
Jan 14, 2016 4:28 PM
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You can probably get by using 全て(すべて) or 全部(ぜんぶ) 例えば: シリーズ内の映画をすべて見たことがありますか? Have you seen all the movies in the series すべての007の映画を見たことがありますか? Have you see all of the 007 movies? 町のバーにすべて行ったことがありますか? Have you been to every bar? Of course, there are different ways of writing this and also saying this, but this should give you an example.
January 14, 2016
Adam Haecker
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