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How to say "Americano"? As in the coffee type. :) In pinyin with tone and in characters, please. Also, is there a more decent way to say "good night" or "sleep well"? My teacher says "wan an" is Taiwanese but couldn't tell me what I am supposed to say in mainland China... Thank you!
Jan 14, 2016 7:28 PM
Answers · 9
1、美式咖啡 (mei3 shi4 ka1 fei1); 2、晚安!(wan3 an1)between young people or people who live in big city; 早点睡觉啊!(zao3 dian3 shui4 jiao4--- pronounce 2-3-4-4 ); 早点休息啊!(zao3 dian3 xiu1 x1i--- pronounce 2-3-1-1 ); 早啲瞓!(zou2 dik1 fan3)粤语地区用语
January 15, 2016
Make sure that fourth tone is very sharp: mei3 SHI4. I order Americanos all the time, and if I get sloppy on my pronunciation, the baristas are quick to correct me (or to clarify - perhaps they want to make sure I'm not ordering mei3shi2 美食).
January 15, 2016
① mei3 shi4 ka1 fei1 美 式 咖 啡 ②in mainland : —— 晚 安 。 wan3 an1 —— 祝 你 好 梦! zhu4 ni3 hao3 meng4
January 14, 2016
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