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How do you type a retroflex "r", as in the Hindi word for "girl"? लड़की girl I am using a phonetic keyboard in Windows IME (Input Method Editor). I see ड on the capital D key. I see ई on the capital E key. I just don't know how to make the dot under the letter. I think there may be other "retroflex" letters for which this dot would be needed.>press the keys '[' ']' to write ड़ ्ै््ौ्
15 يناير 2016 02:12
Answers · 3
I found it. It's like "capital D" and "tilde".
30 يناير 2016
Thank you so much for this question. I wanted to know this also. I also have some keys that do not work on my computer. I usually go to the character map to get those letters. It is very time consuming and awkward.
17 يناير 2016
Not sure of your keyboard layout; is it a Sanskrit layout? For the "Hindi Traditional" keyboard (in the Windows region options) you press the keys '[' ']' to write ड़
15 يناير 2016
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