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How would listening to foreign songs help me to learn a language? Several Italians I've spoken to have said that they've acquired most of their English skills simply by listening to American and British music. But how does that work? If you do not speak the language, how do you understand what the people are saying? I might try to learn Italian like this, if it does work.
Jan 15, 2016 7:39 AM
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i think there's a great difference between the two languages... Italian has grammar rules pretty complex than English. another thing is that all over the world more or less the basic rules of english have been teached from primary school so people who listen songs and watch movie and tv series has a little advantage... i don't want to discourage but as I think it's a wonderful way to improve listening skills and the vocabulary but that's it.. I hope i haven't done too grammatical horrors :)
January 15, 2016
Obviously you will also need a good dictionary, a good grammar book, somebody to ask questions to, and, for what I remember from my personal experience, a strong determination. By the way, you might even find English translations of many Italian lyrics, but those would probably be literary translations, so only partially helpful.
January 15, 2016
Hi Sheean, as Fabio pointed out, everyone in Italy studies a bit of English at school, therefore we make little effort to improve our English skills by listening songs sung in English. So if you want to try learn italian by listening to Italian songs, that would be better if you already know some basics of the language. I also agree with Andrew, that listening to songs in a foreign language helps a lot to fix in one's mind words and sentences, due to the pleasure you get when you listen to them together with a nice tune. When I was at the very begininning of English studies, I used to translate by myself the songs I really liked, I used to do plenty of translations, and I also got myself books with translations of songs Ii liked. This helped me a lot to love the English language and be motivated to improve it, so that I would have been able, in the future, to understand a nice song at the first (or maybe second) listening ^_^ Ciao Corrado
January 15, 2016
Your question relates to the way our brain works, so the answer comes from the complex interactions that neurons undergo, when an auditory and semantic stimulus is presented them within a state of slight excitement due to the serotonine (and other chemical compounds) level produced by the simple that of the pleasure in listening to the song. Will this partial explanation be of help? Or maybe a much better one that I am not capable to offer? Just try by yourself ! There is absolutely nothing to lose, especially if you DO LIKE Italian songs.
January 15, 2016
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