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on the computer/in the computer hi,which preposition will do in this case? example: I have to find some information on/in the computer
15 de ene de 2016 11:13
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Hello Esther. When it comes to surface, such as: table, wall, ceiling, floor, screen, etc. You´ve got to use the preposition "ON". That´s why it´s said: On the computer, because the image appears On the screen of the computer. You put your book ON the table. You watch a documentary ON Tv. There´s a painting On the wall. I hope it helps.
15 de Enero de 2016
I have to find some information ON the computer - Я должна найти какую - то информацию в компьютере в компьютере - on computer в телевизоре - on television в радио - on radio итд Я надеюсь это полезно. Если тебе что-то не ясно, ты можешь спросить. Я желяю тебе приятного дня.
15 de Enero de 2016
Hi Esther, We would say "on the computer" in the same way that we "watch a film on TV". Thanks
15 de Enero de 2016
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