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Đặng Quỳnh
How do you use " go to shool" and " go to the school" please ? How do you use " go to shool" and " go to the school" please ?
Jan 15, 2016 11:45 AM
Answers · 5
"Go to school" is used when you are a student, and you will be attending class. The phrase is used by students. "Go to the school" is used when you are going to the building for something other than learning. Usually you are not a student if you are saying it this way. For example: "I am going to the school and talking to that teacher about my son." "Go to school and get your books."
January 15, 2016
I f you say you are going to (my) school , we know that you are refering to your school eventhough you didnt say which school . Its implied from the context . Different scenario: If you want to learn English , then why dont you go to school > meaning go to A school and learn ( any school ) . When you say I am going to THE school , we know you are going to A particular school , but you did not say which one. I can then ask you ," What do you mean 'The school ' ? Which school are you refering to?" "Sorry , I mean THE school that is having the games today " "The" +school (noun) points to ONE particular school that is in your mind when you are saying it. I am going to (my) school to get my car so I can go to THE school that has invited me to visit. Your misunderstending in usage of the word is just the word "The + noun)" .
January 15, 2016
Đặng Quỳnh
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