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why i can know all thai word means,but i can not know sentence means? พยายามจนหมดปัญญา ได้เวลาก้มหน้ารับกรรม I’ve tried until I’ve run out of ideas, it’s time to bow my head and accept my punishment 我用尽办法 心力交瘁 只好乖乖低头 任你左右 you can know i know this thai sentence means,but i know it because have english means,if i read thai word i will read hard. i search each thai word means by thai-chinese dict,but i think it is boring,because i can know means one by one,if have two word i think very hard to me พยายาม=尽力=try จน=直到=until หมด=全部=all ปัญญา=智力=idea means 我用尽办法 this sentence is easy to me ได้=到=when เวลา=时候=time ก้มหน้า=低头=lower my head รับ=接受=get กรรม=罪恶=evil i think this sentence is so hard,why he lower head to get evil?
Jan 15, 2016 1:14 PM
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(here is my first answer in italki) you can't translate it one by one, but do this "ก้มหน้า" + "รับ" in one go, so "ก้มหน้ารับ" has the same meaning as just "รับ" which it does mean "receive", and "ก้มหน้า" is supposed to be adverb. กรรม = karma, an unjust deed, fate
January 15, 2016
I would like to give you some more explanation. You can only use the word "รับกรรม" that mean recieve the karma just like other comments. But these word are just told listener that what action have been done. But if you add "ก้มหน้า" it also can express the feeling of speaker. Because when you got a bad thing, you will lower down your head (or your face) to express the feeling that you are sad or you are sorry. So when you add this word it express the feeling of the speaker that he recieve the karma with grieve.
January 22, 2016
You have to practice more and more like me too. Every words sometimes don't have the meaning so you have to guest by the sentence
January 20, 2016
ก้มหน้ารับกรรม if you translate it directly, it means lower your head and take your karma. It is actually a Thai proverb. The true meaning is you admit the consequence of what you did and you cannot do anything to avoid it. I hope this help.
January 18, 2016
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