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what is the difference between strict and rigorous (1)precise mathematical definitions are used and rigorous proofs are given.-- This is a sentence from my text book, however can I use strict to replace rigorous? (2) She is strict/rigorous. are they both natural and interchaneable? (3) Her final exam grading is strict/rigorous are they both natural and interchangeable? Thank you!
15 de ene de 2016 19:54
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1..Rigorous is the term most often used when talking about mathematical proofs. It is also used when talking about any discipline that requires very precise obedience to rules, or something that is very difficult. " A rigorous course in Latin, a rigorous hike, a rigorous physical workout.." Strict would be used when talking about parents, or a teacher who demand obedience. 2. "She is strict" is more natural 3. Her final exam grading is rigorous is more natural, but in the case either would be acceptable.
15 de Enero de 2016
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