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When is the vav (as a prefix meaning "and") pronounced as "oo" rather than "v"? Is there a grammar rule for this?
15 sty 2016 20:03
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Here you can find the whole explanation, for every case:
15 stycznia 2016
Good to know, Yaron. Toda. What triggered the question is that I rarely see/hear the Vav pronounced as anything other than "ve" in the various Hebrew learning resources I've encountered -- pretty much only in liturgy -- but I did see a YouTube video going over vocabulary that pronounced the vav as "u". I'd previously thought it was primarily a liturgy/ancient Hebrew thing before that.
1 lutego 2016
Even though they have already answered your question I just wanna add that you really shouldn't focus on that gramar rule. Most Israelies even don't know it that well and just say "ve" all the time . Hebrew grammar can be confusing at times and this is definitely not a grammar rule you should be breaking your tounge on.
31 stycznia 2016
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