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Am I using honorific and grammar correctly? 내가 한국어가 작은 알아요. I'm trying to say "I know a little Korean" Should I just avoid "내가" altogether and use "나는" instead? Is "한국어가" correct? Or should I use "를" instead of "가"? How wrong am I? >.< Thanks~
Jan 16, 2016 1:58 AM
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"I know a little Korean" => 나는 한국어를 조금 알아요. - I know: 나는 알아요. - I know Korean: 나는 한국어를 알아요. * 을/를 marks an object of a verb. - I know Korean a little: 나는 한국어를 조금 알아요. * 조금: a little (adverb). - I know a little Korean: 나는 약간의 한국어를 알아요. * 약간의: a little (adjective). (In Korean, 한국어를 조금 알아요 is more natural than 약간의 한국어를 알아요) Here's a similar sentence with a different structure. "I know that my Korean is poor" => (나는) 내 한국어가 서툰 것을 알아요. - I know: 나는 알아요. - My Korean is poor: 내 한국어는 서툴러요. * 서툴다: poor, unskilled. - That my Korean is poor: 내 한국어가[한국어는] 서툰 것. - I know that my Korean is poor: (나는) 내 한국어가 서툰 것을 알아요. (가 works better than 는 in a sub-clause because 이/가 is more about specific facts)
January 16, 2016
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