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That was the most sickening display. What does "sickening display" mean?
Jan 16, 2016 6:11 PM
Answers · 7
I am often awake at night, with images of the sickening display of mangled bodies lying out in the snow, in front of the concentration camps. Sickening : Something revolting. Something that makes you want to vomit. Display : Readily seen.
January 16, 2016
It means something that you see on display that you don't like. (Display = exhibit or presentation). For example, you go to The Museo de Prado in Madrid (an art museum) to see a display of Picasso's artwork.
January 16, 2016
Something so awful, horrible, terrible, etc that it makes you ill just thinking about it. Generally used when talking about the after effects of war, floods, fires etc, or disaster where people are dead, dying or severely injured all around.
January 16, 2016
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