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Schimpfwörter? Hello! I want to ask how swearwords are used in German. How OK is it to use them? If you hit your toe on the table-leg, what do you yell out? I'd like some insults to other people, "yells" when bad stuff happens, or just plain bad words (leave out racism, homophobia and very extreme things please) The reason for me asking this is that it is truly hard to know how to use curse words when you don't know the culture so well. Thanks in advance! :)
Jan 17, 2016 10:49 AM
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Mitt jävla svar: Scheiß- as a prefix is *very* common, it is a bit like fucking, bloody or (in Swedish) jävla. Fahr deine Scheißkarre da weg. Move your bloody car (Karre is pejorative for a car) out of the way. Mist (=manure) is more okay to say than Scheiße. If you drop something and it breaks, it would be acceptable if a "Mist" escapes your mouth even in front of an audience. Though it technically denominates the same thing, it sounds less harsh, so it's a bit like the difference between to fuck and to shag. Things to call someone whose behaviour is decidedly not okay: Arschloch or just Arsch, Wichser (like wanker). Things to call someone who is dumb: (harsh:) Idiot or Trottel, (less harsh:) Depp, Honk or (ironic) Held. Recommended, original swearing: A friend of mine likes to replace verdammt by verdampft (evaporated), which sounds rather cute. Elektroneger denominates a white person with a lot of artificial tan, especially if it doesn't look good on him/her (as is often the case with blondes). Is this word racist? I hope not, because I rather like it... How common is swearing? According to Swede who moved here a long time ago (i.e. my former Swedish teacher), Swedes swear a good deal more than we do. From my own experience I can only say this matches my observations from radio and TV.
January 19, 2016
Interesting question. :D If you hit your toe on the table-leg most people in Germany would say "verdammt" (damned) or sometimes more rough "scheiße" (shit, fuck). If bad stuff happens we say often words like "so ein Mist" (such a crap) or "so ein Scheiß" but the word "scheiße" you only use with people you know good, it's very rough as I said at the beginning.
January 17, 2016
Also give the context please :) Makes it easier to understand :)
January 17, 2016
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