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在这个句子里 ’新人类‘ 是什么意思? 在这个句子里 ’新人类‘ 是什么意思?我认为是’the new generation‘ 的意思, 但是一个中国说这是不对的,问题是他没告诉我它的意思是什么。 研究人员认为,确切地说是26岁至27岁以下的“新人类”,正在打破传统的市民生活观念,他们的行为表现既包括了知识面广、会挣钱、办事讲究效率、外语好、学什么都快以及敢于尝试,也有让中年人和老年人看不惯的方面,像自由主义习气、恋爱方式、夜生活、新词汇、讲究新款名牌时装、不断跳槽等。
Jan 17, 2016 11:27 AM
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I think you can get the meaning from the sentences right behind the word "新人类" of this context: ",..正在打破传统的市民生活观念,他们的行为表现既包括了知识面广、会挣钱、办事讲究效率、外语好、学什么都快以及敢于尝试,也有让中年人和老年人看不惯的方面,像自由主义习气、恋爱方式、夜生活、新词汇、讲究新款名牌时装、不断跳槽等。" This is the perfect explanation of this word. Every time when you find a new word or a word with "" in an article, you can try to understand it trough the following sentences, in most cases, those sentences are explanations.
January 17, 2016
这里的新人类肯定不是指一代人,因此,用generation不准确。这里的新人类只不过是年龄在“26或27岁”以下的人中的一群,这群人具备下面的特点: 知识面广、会挣钱、办事讲究效率、外语好、学什么都快以及敢于尝试,也有让中年人和老年人看不惯的方面,像自由主义习气、恋爱方式、夜生活、新词汇、讲究新款名牌时装... 不具备这些特点的”26或27岁“以下的人不算文章所说的新人类。而具备那些条件的人,肯定是少数人。因此十几岁几岁的孩子还不可能有那些能力与观念。
January 19, 2016
Everyone has given a good answer above already, and I think Beth understands what the term means now. Her problem is that a Chinese friend has told her that "the new generation" is not a good or accurate translation, without suggesting anything better. So she is looking for a better translation. I would suggest "the new Chinese yuppies". or "the new young urban Chinese elite". The reality is that this 新人类 as described in the passage is a small socio-economic subgroup within that age group. We can only find them in big cities, and they normally come from a privileged background. Most people in that generation are not like that, have not had the opportunity to become like that, and cannot afford to live like that. My suggestions above are not "translations" of 新人类 ("the New Human Type") per se, but would be the English descriptions used by most intelligent and informed native English speakers when they wish to describe this subgroup of people.
January 17, 2016
这段话后面给出了新人类的解释,但翻成英文的话,应该要有"新形成的群体"的意思,like new people/group.. new generation是一代人的意思,单是表述人类传承的
January 17, 2016
Beth, "确切地说" means "to put it precisely". It is likely to echo a more generic statement in a preceding paragraph, and then to give a more concrete statement, one would say 确切地说 and then go on to cite the precise facts. The irony is of course that the ensuing statement is woolly and not precise! First it does not say what the lower age limit is for the group of people being observed: it just says "people under 26 or 27 years of age". Then the upper limit is fudged: 26 or 27. 确切地说 does not mean "strictly speaking". 26岁至27岁以下 means "people below the 26 to 27 age bracket". It does not mean "people between 26 and 27 years of age". This is badly written.
January 18, 2016
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