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Craig Hall
The personal a Does the personal a come at the beginning of a sentence if it begins with a person? A Maria habla mucho... Al docente le encantan los verbos... A los docentes tienen una posicion... Miles de gracias por la ayuda.
17 gen 2016 17:49
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Its difficult for me to give an explanation about this in english, but i will give it a try. In spanish the subject of the sentence will never be introduce by a preposicition (only in the case of "Entre" is posible ej:. Entre los docentes llegaron a un acuerdo. "Entre los docentes" would be the subject of the sentence.) A Maria habla mucho... María (3rd person singular) habla(3rd person singular) A los docentes tienen una posicion... Los docentes(3rd person plural) tienen(3rd person plural) In both cases "Maria" and "Los docentes" is the subject of the sentence, so would never be introduce by the preposition A. (María habla mucho.... Los docentes tienen una posición...) Al docente le encantan los verbos...Al docente(3rd person singular) encantan (3rd person plural) los verbos(3rd person plural) In this case the 'subject' of the sentence is "los verbos", and "al docente" would be a indirect objects so it use the preposition a.(Its a difficult sentence...)
17 gennaio 2016
Craig Hall
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