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Lucy Nga Than
How do I copy and paste a text in Mandarin from Italki to my Microsoft Word Document? I have written some Chinese notes on Italki, and received tremendous help from the community. However, when I pasted those corrected texts to a Microsoft Word Document, many characters just become 口。 Does any one know how to fix this problem? Thanks.I have tried both what you two have suggested, but it didnt work because I have a Macbook, and I use the Microsoft version for Mac. Does anybody have a solution for this problem? I still suffer through it.
18. Jan 2016 16:25
Answers · 4
"Choose text encoding when you open and save files"
18. Januar 2016
What version of Windows do you have? Here are some things that you can do.. File, options, languages, add Chinese Sounds like you do not have the Chinese fonts You could also temporarily change your computer language to Chinese and this would automatically add the missing fonts. What's the fonts are installed, you could change your language back to the previous language ...
18. Januar 2016
Lucy Nga Than
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