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Question about a pen? Is it correct to say, let's say, in the situatiom when I need to write something and I take a pen and say "Oh this pen is writing!", but I thought it didn't write. So, is it ok to use "writing" about a pen in the meaning of "working"? Thanks!Thank you very much for all you answers! In Ukrainian as well as in Russian it's vice versa. When you say "this pen works - эта ручка работает" it sounds less natural, but if you say "this pen writes - эта ручка пишет" it sounds perfect. So, in English if I say either "This pen works" or "This pen is working" I will be perfectly understood. Speaking about the context in which it was said. I was at my friends house and I needed a pen. There was one lying on the table and I took it from the table and started writing. My friend was astonished when he saw that the pen was working and exclaimed, "Is it working!?" He told me that he tried several times and it didn't work and now it's working. Maybe the ink was a little bit dry or something. I guess Present Continuous would be perfect in this situation :)
Jan 18, 2016 8:26 PM
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No. People use pens to write; pens don't write by themselves which is what your sentence sounds like. I'd say 'oh, this pen does work/oh, this pen works. I thought it had run out of ink.'
January 18, 2016
I would say "This pen works/writes!" Is writing/working means that it is writing/working right now. It writes/works means that it writes or works in general. Because you are the one who is writing, and the pen is just allowing ink to flow onto the page as you write, I would prefer "This pen works!" If a pen works only some of the time, and sometimes instead it does not work, then you can say "This pen is working!" I hope this helps : )
January 18, 2016
I personally would say ' Oh this pen is working ? I thought it was out of ink '
January 18, 2016
Yes, the present continuous is perfect for that : )
January 19, 2016
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