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Alicia Marie
What is the difference between frisst and esst? The source I've been using for learning German uses both for eating, but it doesn't tell me which is which.
2016年1月19日 02:41
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First, the difference would be more between (er/sie) frisst und (er/sie) isst (both irregular verbs). Usually, the difference is between people and animals. So, for people, you use essen - isst, and for animals fressen - frisst. But sometimes, if somebody eats very much, devours the food very quickly, so eats in a way that doesn't look very nice, then fressen might be used, meaning he/she eats like an animal.
2016年1月19日 is really helpful for things like these. Look up "essen" and "fressen", and from the range of translations you'll get a good idea about the connotations. (You'll also see some more unusual usages, as a beginner, you can ignore these.)
Alicia Marie
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