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Jamie Fan
Difference? Здесь and тут? Сласибо:)
19. Jan 2016 07:47
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From my perspective "тут" is closer to slang or old fashioned word ("тута"). Please don't use "тут" in formal discussions :) As a Russian native, even in informal discussion I hate this word. I guess Fedor's example is a part of a humorous story ("анекдот") it's ok in this case. But can be replaced by "внезапно" or "неожиданно". Of course this is my subjective opinion.
19. Januar 2016
На этот вопрос ответили здесь ("тут" тоже можно сказать):
19. Januar 2016
Здесь is a neutral word for either here (place) or here/now (time). Тут is more about conditions, both place and time. Тут oftem marks changes in the circumstances, from good to bad or from bad to good. Example: Тут заходит муж. — And then the husband came in. (тут here is about time and changes in the situation)
19. Januar 2016
I dont know the answer for your question. But i can give you small suggestion..for "thank you" you should use "спасибо" instead of "сласибо" ;—)
19. Januar 2016
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