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What does it mean?? Hi friends i can't understand the meaning of these sentence! "Don't eat between meals" What does it mean??
2016年1月19日 10:46
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Well, your meals are breakfast, lunch and dinner. This piece of advice tells you not to eat extra snacks (eg. after lunch but before dinner = between meals).
Hey there! I think that means "DO NOT EAT SNACKS"or stuff between meals. because you will be full already without having meals on time. Example) Son: Mom, I'm hungry. Mom: Can you wait for half an hour? Because dinner is almost ready. In this situation, If the son doesn't wait and eats something before dinner because he is hungry, then HE will probably be FULL. So if you keep eating something between meals, you will be full and have a bad habit in eating properly. hehe Good Luck.
I think it means don't eat anything, such as snacks, fruits, between two meals.
Mothers often say it to their children, because if the children eat snacks between meals, they won't be hungry for dinner
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