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Have you heard or use FluencyMc's Method to get fluent in English before ? Hi there, While i'm surfing o web, i've found really interesting kind of methods in order to get fluent in English. Is there anyone who use this method ? I'm really wonder whether it works or not. It seems very interesting. He uses rhythm and rhyme.
Jan 19, 2016 11:10 AM
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Hello Yiit, All languages are about rhythm and rhyme so it makes sense to learn it that way. Can you remember the words to the songs you like in English? You can have a look at Jason's website too. Bob
January 19, 2016
Hi there. No, not heard of this. But there are quite a few teaching approaches which use rhyme and rhythm. I think it has benefits; fun way to learn, lots of repetition, perhaps copies natural rhythms in speech. The major problem is that it doesn't necessarily replicate real life. Unless you want to communicate to other English speakers through rhymes! Same as any kind of teaching: try it before spending time and money on it. Then if you like it, carry on. And maybe mix it with other types of learning.
January 19, 2016
Hi, I'm a compelling English Learner :) In his method, he teaches that word and phareses should be natural and this comes from understanding of streeses words in sentences. For example: "What have you been doing ?" has strees on What and doing. So while speaking we hear the sound of these two words mostly. In order to improve listening skills, maybe this method would be used. But I already couldn't get a grip it, completely...
January 19, 2016
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