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A short composition introducing your family Show a short composition to introduce your family.The words should be limited in 100.The most important thing is that it should be veritable!Help me at your earliest convenience please:)在线等急!给跪了T_T
Jan 19, 2016 11:48 AM
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I think this was a question of the exam DELE. I don't have much to say about my family, so I'll us a random example: Tengo un hermano mayor (I have an older brother) y una hermana menor (and a younger sister). Él tiene 25 años (he has 25 years) y ella 18 (and she 18). Mi hermano trabaja en un hospital (my brother works in a hospital) y mi hermana estudia medicina (and my sister study medicine). Mis padres no tienen hermanos (my parents don't have brothers), por lo tanto, no tengo tíos ni tías (because of that, I don't have uncles or aunts). También tengo un gato negro llamado Snowball (I also have a black cat called Snowball). Él es como un miembro de mi familia (he is like a memeber of my family). Tampoco tengo abuelos (I don't have grandparents either). Ellos fallecieron hace 10 años aproximadamente (they passed away 10 years ago, more or less). This is a very basic example. Without the English translation, this should be less than 100 words. I hope you find it useful!
January 19, 2016
Hello Betsy! First of all, I tell you that my English isn't very well yet, but I'll try to help you. In Spanish, you can say: "Mi familia está compuesta (o formada) por cuatro miembros (for example). Sus nombre son ... (to say their names). María tiene 20 años, está estudiando en Valencia, su pelo es largo y castaño... (you can continue to describe each members like I've done). Es una familia muy/poco numerosa (if the family has a lot or a few members). Siempre hemos vivido en Barcelona, pero ahora estamos viviendo en Madrid." I hope I've helped, but to introduce your family you can use a lot of phrases.
January 19, 2016
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