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what does this sentence mean? global business has brought contact with foreign cultures home to almost every business. what's the meaning of home here, i guess it means sort of " businesses today nowadays have realized the necessity of making contact with foreign cultures. is it?
19 ม.ค. 2016 เวลา 12:04
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You're right Zoey. 'brought home' means to be convinced of. So your translation into 'realized the necessity of' is perfect.
19 มกราคม 2016
Without knowing the context, I think you could simply remove "home" here and the meaning would be almost the same. I think the author is trying to say that not only has foreign culture come to businesses, but it no longer feels "foreign".
19 มกราคม 2016
Hello Zoey, if you bring something home to someone, it mains to raise their awareness of it. So most businesses nowadays are more aware of foreign cultures. hope this helps Bob
19 มกราคม 2016
这个好像是go home的形式 ,home的前面不加to
2 มีนาคม 2016
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