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What do you call this in English ? I would like to know if this is called " hand wash" or " hand sanitizer " in spoken English ,here pls find the pics on website:;=0&ipn;=d&word;=hand%20wash&step;_word=&pn;=5&spn;=0&di;=50916517740π=&rn;=1&tn;=baiduimagedetail&is;=&istype;=0&ie;=utf-8&oe;=utf-8∈=&cl;=2&lm;=-1&st;=undefined&cs;=3080833864%2C179804259&os;=1160908056%2C2830616967&simid;=3428331204%2C485663906&adpicid;=0&ln;=1000&fr;=&fmq;=1453220837946_R⁣=undefined&s;=undefined&se;=&sme;=&tab;=0&width;=&height;=&face;=undefined&ist;=&jit;=&cg;=&bdtype;=0&objurl;;=ippr_z2C%24qAzdH3FAzdH3Fvg_z%26e3Bp6w1jhjy_z%26e3Bv54AzdH3Fr6517vp_etjoAzdH3Ft1AzdH3F9mddcbm_z%26e3Bip4&gsm;=0 Thank you so much for your help
Jan 19, 2016 4:36 PM
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I would use hand sanitizer (I'm from the US)
January 19, 2016
Handwash and hand sanitiser/sanitizer are different things. Handwash is made of soap or soap substitute. You use it with water to wash off dirt and debris and to get your hands visibly clean. Hand sanitiser often contains alcohol and may be used on dry, clean hands. It contains an antibacterial agent and protects against infection and the spread of 'germs'.
January 19, 2016
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